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About Us


At Botox Toronto, we help your best self shine through with innovative Botox treatments and outstanding service.  When you choose Toronto Botox, you get a clinic with dedicated and knowledgeable staff members who can treat the whole person, not just the surface. Toronto Botox strives to make each visit unique and rewarding with our relaxing atmosphere, attentive staff and world class Botox treatments.


Health Canada and FDA Approved Botox Treatments

Results and safety driven, Toronto Botox chooses only the finest methods, products and machinery to perform our Botox treatments. Each treatment we offer has been carefully vetted by both Health Canada and the FDA to ensure you get the safest, most reliable results with minimal risk and aftercare needs.


Rejuvenating Atmosphere

To ensure you not only get exemplary results from our treatments but also walk away feeling refreshed, we create a spa-like atmosphere in our facility. This promotes relaxation, healing and a sense of total-wellness to complement the invigorated look you will received from our treatment options.


Experienced Staff and Personalized Service

Our team of doctors, therapists and medically trained aestheticians are experienced and certified to perform each of our treatments. We also undergo ongoing training to ensure we can offer the most up-to-date and effective services and be able to give you expert, personalized recommendations for your Botox needs.


Part of Your Community

At Toronto Botox, we’re so grateful for the amazing clients, staff and opportunities we’ve been given that we want to ensure we give back to the community that has brought us these many wonderful things.  To show our appreciation, we offer free treatments to a member of the community each month through our social media accounts. For more information on how to enter, visit us on Facebook!

249 Queens Quay West, Suite 112, Toronto