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Lip augmentation, the procedures used to plump, refine and correct lip shape are among the most popular medical aesthetic treatments – and for good reason! With modern lip fillers made from natural substances like hyaluronic acid, the risk of side effects or pain is extremely low and the results instant and noticeable.

However, lip augmentation can also include more invasive, surgical options such as lip implants, tissue grafting and fat grafting. While these options are longer lasting than fillers, they are also more expensive, present more risks and have results that are not as predictable or as easily reversed.

For all lip augmentation options, the key to a healthy  and safe procedure is choosing a certified medical professional to perform the treatment. With lip fillers and injectables in particular, the laws surrounding who can offer the procedure have not kept pace with the growing popularity which has allowed physicians without specialized training to provide these in their offices. An untrained person, even a medical professional, can easily create an over-plumped “sausage” lip, uneven appearance or potentially inject the filler in the wrong area causing additional problems.

This risk is even greater when an injection is performed by a non-medical professional in an improperly cleaned environment. However, when performed correctly by a certified esthetician, adverse reactions and effects are rare.

The Lip Augmentation You Deserve

Choosing your lip augmentation in Toronto can present you with many options – both in what type of treatment you want and where to get it performed. This can be an overwhelming choice as it can affect your health and physical appearance.

At Toronto Botox, we understand how important it is to get the right lip augmentation procedure for you. We offer several trusted and proven brands of lip fillers and injectables that provide a safe, natural way to create long-lasting results. Our team of estheticians, physicians and registered nurses are fully versed in all lip augmentation options and can advise you on the best course depending on your desired results, budget, schedule and other key factors.

No matter the type of treatment you choose, we make safety and your overall satisfaction our top priority. We customize each lip filler we administer to ensure a natural, healthy appearance to the lips without creating an overblown or uneven appearance.

Why Choose Our Lip Augmentation Experts?

  • We consistently update our skills, techniques, and equipment to ensure we are providing the best possible results.
  • Our experts are fully versed in all lip augmentation options and can recommend the ideal treatment for your needs.
  • We use a personalized and artistic touch to ensure a natural, healthy look that enhances your beauty.
  • Each of our team members have been chosen for their extensive experience and training

When safety precautions are taken and medical professionals perform your lip augmentation, the results are instant, the side effects minimal and the procedure pain free. With our lip fillers and injectable lip augmentation options, you can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, add volume and correct the shape of your lips in a matter of minutes with little more than temporary swelling as a side effect.

Choose Toronto Botox Clinic for a spa-like experience with your lip augmentation procedure. Our state of the art clinics are designed to provide a rejuvenating experience combined with the best in safety and sanitation standards.

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How Does Lip Augmentation Work?

Lip augmentations, depending on the type you choose, can work in several ways. The safest options come from lip fillers like hyaluronic acid. Unlike surgical methods, HA fillers take just minutes to administer, are noninvasive and produce instant results.

HA, a naturally occurring sugar in the body, is injected into the lips for instant plumping and is then slowly metabolized by the body over the course of months. Since it is produced by the body naturally, it is safe for nearly all patients and presents little opportunity for adverse reactions.

Alternately, surgical options like skin or fat grafting require a more invasive approach that involves taking tissue from another part of your body and creating a fuller lip with it. While this is a more permanent solution lasting several years, the results cannot be as easily controlled as they can be with a HA injectable. These have an increased risk of injection, uneven appearance and are more difficult to reverse.

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Injectables, while not as permanent, do last several months and can easily be topped up to regain the original results. This method is not only good for plumping sagging lips, it can also smooth lines and correct damage to the lips from age or injury.

Why Choose Fillers For Lip Augmentation:

  • Instant and long-lasting results
  • Noninvasive
  • Minimal risk of side effects and pain
  • Predictable and controlled results
  • Easily reversible

Why Hyaluronic Acid?

  • Produced by the body naturally
  • Will be metabolized by the body safely
  • Effective and safe for nearly all patients

Lip Augmentation Treatment Areas

Here are common problems we target with Lip Augmentation:

Expert Lip Augmentation In Toronto

Toronto Botox Clinic is committed to employing only the best medical esthetic professionals in each of our locations. We leverage this expertise and combine it with state-of-the-art equipment and clinics to give our patients an experience that is unmatched for safety with healthy, natural results. When you choose Toronto Botox Clinic, we ensure your complete satisfaction with both our services and your overall experience. If you are considering lip augmentation in Toronto, we encourage you to seek a no-obligation consultation to explore all of your options.

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For lip augmentation options that will rejuvenate your appearance instantly without surgery, downtime or painful side effects, choose Toronto Botox Clinic. Our experts can personalize your lip injections to give you the healthy, natural results you want.